lundi 19 mai 2014

REVIEW - Simply Spoiled Beauty

Have you ever been on Simply Spoiled Beauty website? So many beautiful nail art stuff such as jewleries, nail polish, nail art pens, etc! + They have that awesome Smile science section where you can buy teeth whitening pen. So, here's my swatch/review for their nail art bow and splatter nail polish.
I give 9/10 for their products! :)

Cute tiny bow that can make your nails even prettier! It's super easy so place on nails (i used top coat under it to seal) & comes in every colors and shapes! It also have tangles, love it :) Not made in cheap plastic, these bows will make you fall in love <3


 'Splatter' is a clear nail polished full of golden and white glitters. Smells good, high concentration of glitters, awesome brush, full size... it's amazing! It comes in black or gold. I did a glitter placement for my swatch, but you can always apply it as a normal nail polish over a plain color.

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